Published April 24, 2017
A free discussion guide for book clubs, students, and readers of all ages, is included in my new award-winning time travel adventure novel, The …
Published April 20, 2017
Ever visit the San Diego Safari Park? Who knew — it’s a time travel portal! Check it out in the award-winning The Sun Jumpers, …
Published April 18, 2017
Wheeling the Jeep Cherokee down the mountain, Darren
slipped a CD into the dash player. “I’ll drop you off in
Santa Monica or West …
Published April 17, 2017
“How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant …
Published April 15, 2017
Ty looked toward the mountain, shouting in Kishoki,
“Who’s that?!”
“Who’s that?” the wings echoed, just as spooked as Ty.
“We’re shooting a commercial, …
Published April 12, 2017
Standing on the banks of the River Gan, Ko watched the fastmoving
current. He saw no trace of the beast they had battled
the …
Published April 10, 2017
Ko dug a fire pit. Shum and Ty scraped the inside fibers of
dry bark for tinder. Sita kept busy gathering sticks.
“Stay close!” …
Published April 6, 2017
Light had flooded the sky by the time they reached the
golden waterfall.
Ko looked up at the sunlit water tumbling over the rocks. …
Published April 3, 2017
Ty raced to the river cave. It was here that he and his wings
had often made plans, traded stories, and talked about
kanta-wings. …